Thursday, September 8, 2011

Finished Quilt

I have finished the baby girl quilt ready for the baby shower this Sunday.

I am really happy with the machine quilting that I was able to do on it. I am usually a hand quilting girl, but I wanted this to be more robust and able to go through the washing machine. I have only machine quilted a couple of times and this is definitely the best result. I am getting to know how to achieve a good result on my machine more easily.

The back is the same pink gingham as the border. I bought two metres of it, as I know I will use it in another project.

I bought the fabric at a lovely quilt shop in Killara.  It was wonderful to find a shop with so much fabric that I would use and so close to where I live as well. The two ladies in the shop were so helpful and friendly too.

I am discovering lots of new shops close by. I went to a wool shop nearby this week to buy my favourite needles. I was happy to find them so close, as I had been buying them in Bowral and really needed to plan for those purchases!

I have started two new knitting projects (I get bored with just one on the go). One for myself and one for the bigger of my two monkeys.


Polka Dot Daze said...

It's really beautiful! What a lucky friend you have to receive something so thoughtful and special!

Maxabella said...

There's a quilt shop in Killara? Who knew!?!

The quilt is beautiful. A dear friend made quilts for my three when they were bubbas and they are treasured still. x