Tuesday, September 30, 2008

After a long absence

Oh dear this winter has hit our house hard and everyone has had something nasty. I am now almost over a sinus infection that refused to leave my head. Luckily after a month of antibiotics, it has given in.

I have still been busy doing other crafty things. What else do you do when you don't have enough energy to leave the house?

I finished my smoothie vest and am pretty happy with it. The arm holes are too big, I think. But I have got over that and am wearing it and enjoying it.

Here are my socks of kindness all finished. I really loved making these socks, they are lovely. I need to remember though, my feet are tiny and not all patterns for regular people will fit me. I may have to alter next time.

This is the new pair of socks in progress. Luckily the pattern has a small size for me. I'm working on the second one at the moment. I love this yarn! It has nylon in it and the finished sock is wonderful.

Lastly I have been busy preparing for my first craft fair. I have decided to give it a go in November and see if anyone would like to purchase some of my things. I will be selling bags, little soft toys, bibs and a couple of other small things.

Here are the bags getting ready to go.

I hope you're enjoying spring down here!