Monday, September 12, 2011

Little Owls

I always love reading the Attic 24 Blog and saw a great project in this book that they were completing.

Both of my girls have been learning to knit. I had resisted asking them and they finally came to me and asked that I teach them. I cast on for them and they completed a few rows and then lost interest. It is hard to keep going to complete a whole project. But after showing them the little owls, they were hooked again and both managed to finish one off in a day (with some help from Mum).

We added Some felt wings too so they can fly. Little monkey has already started another one to be a little friend to her Owl. There is a little cat too in the book, perhaps we should try that one too.  

After a quick trip to my local fabric shop, I pulled out a few of my Ottobre magazine and made a skirt for small monkey. I had a subscription to Ottobre for a while, but had not made anything from it before. I always love the designs, but struggle to find good fabric for the girls. Especially stretch fabric.

This is what faced me when I started:

Can you work out which one I should trace?? Crikey!! Luckily I managed to work it out and the very sparse directions to finish the skirt. I will take a photo of it tomorrow on the lucky girl.


Maxabella said...

Yikes! Patterns like that just make my head spin.

I'm glad the little owls got an outing. They are just adorable and I bet the girls will treasure them always as their very first knitting project. Better pries them from their hands so they stop taking them to school!? x

Posie Patchwork said...

The owl is so cute & huge luck with the pattern, 'tis why i draft my own, i'm untrained in the ways of serious pattern using. Love Posie