Sunday, February 5, 2012

Debbie Bliss Snowflake Cushion

Just before Christmas, I think it might have been the week before, I decided to knit the Snowflake Cushion from Debbie Bliss' Fall/Winter 2010.

I knitted the red and cream version and I really enjoyed it. I always have trouble with fair isle, but I think I just need to keep practicing to get it right.

We have had such a wet Summer in Sydney, so wet that I haven't been able to block it, as it has rained almost every day and it would not have dried. But the sun was out yesterday and today, so I seized the opportunity to do it!

As usual, I used a smaller needle size. The pattern called for 3.75 and 4, but I always use 3 and 3.75. It is knitted all in one piece, wraps around the cushion inner and buttons closed.

The only part I am a little disappointed in is the top stars. There are little gaps where the red meets the cream. You are supposed to wrap the yarn to stop this happening, but it didn't work for me.

I am really happy with the rest of the pattern though.

I know it is February, but I think I might just pop this on the couch for a little while, rather than putting it away for next winter!