Wednesday, December 16, 2009

So much happening!

There seems to be a lot going on since I was last here. A new job, holidays, birthdays, relatives visiting and a little one starting school.

Here are a few photos to show what I have been busy doing instead of blogging (some crafts have happened too).

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Yesterday I found some very cute biscuit cutters. My youngest has a great love of elephants and I knew she would love these.

So today while they are both out I thought I would make the cute little animals.

I love the recipe in this book and made them into animals instead of the alphabet.

They have a lovely honey flavour.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Finally the sun

I have been knitting with the new wool that I bought at the craft show. I cast on three times and tried to find the best pattern to use. This is what I settled on, the Knotted Openwork Scarf by Wannietta Prescod (found on the internet of course).

I have nearly finished a shirt like the white on I made last year. I just need to work out how long I would like it and do the hem. The sleeves are long than the last one I made.

And I have finished an A line skirt. I live in these in summer. It's not the best photo, but its a stretch denim in a grey purple. It has lines through it and the camera didn't like that.

I bought the button when I was away at a fantastic shop in Berrima. I could spend a whole day in there looking at the buttons (in huge tubs), antique fabric, quilts, kitchen things, books, patterns and crockery galore! It really is amazing. I bought quite a few buttons and the knitting needles that I am knitting the scarf with (above).

We have been waiting all school holidays for the sun to come out and it has made an appearance on the last day. Back to school tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Spanish Dancer

Our little monkey fell in love with a dress up outfit at a friend's house. Of course it was bought overseas and I don't have any plans to travel to Spain in the near future.

So I borrowed the outfit and copied it.

Here is the finished product in pink rather than the traditional red.

Our little monkey is very pleased and has worn it all day today.

A trip back home and the school holidays has been keeping us busy.

I just love this style of house but I always think how cold would they be in winter?
While I was away I saw some beautiful craft things and was surprised that most of the wool that I looked at was from NZ. It seemed funny to go all that way to see something from home.
I've been knitting several projects and sewing clothes too. Sorry no interesting pictures of these.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Quilt and Craft Show

On Sunday I was lucky to be able to go to the Quilt and Craft Show in Hamilton. I met my friend Julie and her sister in law and we spent over three hours there!
I was really impressed with this show. I have been to ones before and there was nothing that I loved. But this time I had a fantastic time. I saw things there that I haven't seen in NZ before and I saw a lot that was my style.
Here are the lovely things that I couldn't leave without.

Silken Straw from Alchemy Yarns. The colour is Voodoo (isn't that a great name for the colour).

Haiku Yarn from Alchemy Yarns. This has silk and mohair. I just loved the feel of this yarn and the colour (The night Air).

A wonderful book with really beautiful patterns for gifts by Rosalie Quinlan

A very interesting book about free form knitting and crochet bags by Prudence Mapstone.

And last but certainly not least some fabric. Lily Pond by Wendy Slotboom.

It was a great morning and very inspiring.

In the meantime , back to the lace knitting.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Lace Knitting

I have started my first lace knitting. I have not really been interested in lace knitting until I saw this pattern.

I had to have it and I had the perfect wool too. I bought the PDF and was able to start straight away. Fantastic. I had to frog the first attempt as I kept losing my place and mucking up the pattern. But I am well on the way now.

Here I am sitting in the spring sun enjoying lace knitting.

This pattern is for a chunky lace using 8 ply wool, much more my style.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Little Monkeys Quilt

I have finished my little monkey's quilt. I have been working on it for longer than I can remember but not longer than 5 years!! She will be starting school later in the year and I thought I should get it finished.

I loved quilting this one, I put loads of effort into the hand quilting. The colours are not as dull as the picture shows.

I have also been knitting baby socks. It seems that there are many babies arriving over the next few months and these are a wonderful gift. They only use a small amount of wool and they are quick to finish.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Weekend of craft

I have been busy around here with loads of crafting getting done.

I usually give away the things that I make and my own children sometimes miss out. So I made them a pencil roll. I fell in love with this material at the quilt shop on my last visit. I think the little birds are too cute.

I had a couple of little scraps left over and made a cover for my i phone too.

I'm also working on a quilt for myself. I have always made quilts for other people and this is the first one just for me.

The photos are not great, but I have now sewn it all together and will need to get some backing fabric.
I finished the needle holder as well.