Thursday, July 24, 2008


This is the back of my vest knitted with Smoothie. I really like the colour as it is grey with a purple hint.

It is very easy to knit with and I am hoping to finish the front just as quickly.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Sewing afternoon

I have been busy this afternoon sewing after a craft cupboard clean-up.

I decided to make a knitting needle holder for all of the sets I have. I made up a pattern and used this great fabric which always cheers me up.

Then I needed a bag to hold my new knitting project. I am knitting a vest from Smoothie DK. Not my usual choice as I normally pick wool, but it is going along nicely. Hopefully it won't be too warm for spring when it gets here. I love this fabric too.

Finished Scarf

I have finished my drop stitch scarf and I am very happy with it. The wool is really soft and the pattern was easy to remember.

Our weather has been pretty cold and I am looking forward to being able to wear it soon.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Busy, Busy.

I have been busy sewing for the little monkey who is obsessed with skirts and dresses. Hopefully she will like this one, as she is very fussy! It is made of corduroy and the pattern was so simple (Simplicity 5489 half price at Spotlight)
I was really lucky to receive some wonderful sewing things from my husband's gran. They included an amazing collection of buttons. I have used two from the collection on the dress. Thank you Judith for giving me such great treasures.

The knitting is going well too with the easy drop stitch scarf almost finished.

And the socks are coming along too. I think this pattern can be pretty confusing, but it might just be that I am not paying enough attention! I do think they will turn out really well.

I have also had a wonderful visit with family in Sydney for my brother in laws 40th birthday. It was a great party and so much fun to have time with my sister. Thank you for having me.