Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New Friends

I had a wonderful day at the Quilts for Queensland organised by Corrie. I met some other bloggers and crafty people. I even saw a mum from my girls' school who I didn't know was a blogger.

I am really busy with craft things at the moment. After attending a Polka Dot Daze's birthday party, I am going to make some bunting. Hers was lovely and I hope that I can achieve
something like that.

I am also working on a pillow for my little Monkey. After a trip to the craft shop together, she fell in love with a pillow kit and wanted to buy it, for me to make. I don't usually buy kits, preferring to make everything from scratch, but I bought it for her. Everything is included, even the needle! It is
looking lovely so far and is very easy.

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