Wednesday, August 17, 2011


We are renting our home while we settle into Sydney and it is an old huge house with a pool.
However, it is very damp and came with a de-humidifier (should have been a clue).
So today when I went into my cupboard where I keep all of my craft things, I found mould on the sea grass boxes that I keep my fabric!!
I have now taken everything out of the cupboard, put the de-humidifier into that room, wiped down all the shelves and hot washed all the fabric. Wow, what a morning.
This is what the chaos looked like.
At least I now know everything that I have in there and I found some old projects that I really need to finish. I did throw some things out. It was very hard but I'm glad that I have let some things go.
Hopefully there will be some more room in there and the mould won't return! Fingers crossed.

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