Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Flower Bag and Scarf

Here are the photos of the crochet bag. See how it looks a little saggy? Hopefully some fabric to line it will sort it out.

My husband decided that I needed to knit something for him. I think he is feeling neglected on the knitting front. So I bought some of this yarn as it has cashmere in it. It's really soft and lovely. Great masculine colours too.

I used a pattern from the Last Minute Knitted Gifts book. I just love this book and wish that we could get some wonderful yarn like they can get at Purl in Manhattan. (sigh)

Oh well one day I will have to go there and buy an enormous pile!!
The pattern that I based this on was the Child's Rainbow Scarf. I wanted to do a mistake rib scarf and this one was the easiest one to find. I added 8 stitches to make it a little wider as the yarn is not as chunky as the one in the book.


Jo said...

I would be borrowing Chris's scarf all the time if I was you, it's lovely.

sue said...

I have seen that yarn at Spotlight I think. It looks nice knitted in the two colors. I love the crochet bag, wonderful.

Jan said...

I love the look of this scarf with the two toned greys! Well done.

Attic24 said...

Hi Jenny
Aww your bag looks beautiful, I don't think it looks saggy???? At least, it looks how mine looks. But then mine is never empty cos it holds my yarn (lots of) and current crochet project so its always bulging.
Anyways, I think its fab, truly I do.
Thanks for sharing
Love to you