Saturday, April 27, 2013

Crafting continues here

After a very bust term one, we have been enjoying the holidays and lots of craft. I have been loving having time to spend on projects new and old (in between the uni assignments).

A knitted cushion completed in two nights of knitting in front of the tv. Just have to get some filling and stitch on the eyes.

A new cardigan for my eldest knitted in variegated yarn. The colours are amazing which will be the highlight, not the endless rows of garter stitch. It is worked in one piece which I love, no sewing together at the end. 

Another blanket using the lovely DK Special by Stylecraft. I really enjoy using this yarn, it is so easy and the colours a lovely. I have a line of requests for blankets but think I might still keep this one to add to our stash at home. 

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