Friday, September 4, 2009

Little Monkeys Quilt

I have finished my little monkey's quilt. I have been working on it for longer than I can remember but not longer than 5 years!! She will be starting school later in the year and I thought I should get it finished.

I loved quilting this one, I put loads of effort into the hand quilting. The colours are not as dull as the picture shows.

I have also been knitting baby socks. It seems that there are many babies arriving over the next few months and these are a wonderful gift. They only use a small amount of wool and they are quick to finish.


sue said...

Fantastic effort on the quilt! It does look truly beautiful and I know how many hours go into making one, my sister makes all hers by hand too. Those baby socks are just adorable, love them all.

Jo said...

The quilt looks great!!!