Monday, November 3, 2008

New member of the family

I have finished two more bags for the fair. I love the red one and am not sure I will be able to sell it.

I also looked at the cardigan I started and decided the pink was just too pink for me. I took it off the needles and cast on for a scarf each for the girls. It's much more their colour.

The pattern was from the knitting daily emails that I get. They usually want you to buy something from them, but there are some cool free things too.

And last but certainly not least here is our new puppy. He is the most gorgeous boy. He's a Cavoodle (cross between a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel and a Poodle). The girls love him and we do too!


the professionals said...

he's gorgeous did you get him in auckland

Jo said...

I love that red bag too!!

Your pup is so cute, hope he is behaving!


sue said...

What a cute puppy. I love your bags, they always look so nice. Love the pink scarf too.

Jo said...

When is the fair? My mum is going to be in Auckland the first week of December and wants to come.