Thursday, May 15, 2008

Baby Jumper

I love knitting for new babies. It is so fast and I think little baby clothes are so cute. You always have more time to knit for other people's babies, as when you have your own, you are too busy to think about knitting (well maybe a couple of things were knitted).

So I have knitted for my sister in law's baby that is due next month. I saw this wool and had to have it and luckily I found the perfect little person to knit for. I will be giving it to her with the quilt on the weekend.

I even bought the matching buttons. This is the Vintage Utility Vest (don't ask me why it is called a vest, when it isn't a vest?!), from the The second little Sublime hand knit book. I have knitted the Beanie from this book about 4 times now and it is wonderful too. The wool has cashmere, merino and silk in it. What a pampered baby this will be!!

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sue said...

The baby sweater is adorable. I have both of the kids sublime books and have knit quite a few from them, and they always turn out so nicely. I am sure your niece/nephew will look gorgeous in it too.